Mission & Vision

United We Stand – Cincinnati is a women led movement of progressive, non denominational people from diverse backgrounds joined together to fight injustice, oppression and inequality for all

1.) Committed to Human Rights For All.

We affirm- Women’s Rights as Human Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Equal Pay for Equal Work, Affordable Housing, Free Public Education, Affordable Childcare, Healthcare and Parental Leave. We support LGBTQ rights, Planned Parenthood, The Equal Rights Amendment and CEDAW convention of the United Nations.

2.) Committed to Grass Roots Organizing.

Our strength is in the number of people we can mobilize for human rights issues, and we want that to be our continued focus, not in building administrative infrastructure.

3.) Committed to Supporting Human Rights Efforts

Spearheaded by Greater Cincinnati Social Justice Organizations, doing excellent work in championing human rights, We support them and do not compete with them. We will attempt to act as a sharing space for information regarding Human Rights advocacy/activism in GC.

4.) Committed to Supporting the Efforts of Communities of Color and other Minorities.

We want to show up for them and help them in ways they define.

5.) Committed to Being Non‐Partisan, Non‐Party Affiliated.

The mission of Human Rights for All supersedes any one candidate, election cycle or party affiliation. We will support issues, not candidates and politicians.

6.) Committed to Kingian Nonviolence.

We believe the realization of Dr. King’s idea of the “Beloved Community” can be made manifest if we strive for the inclusion of as many groups and individuals as possible, supporting all to achieve full enfranchisement.